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Here at Physios, our policies are designed with the highest degree of customer service in mind. We value our guests, the time they spend here with us, and the services we provide for them. Much  consideration goes into our schedule so that we can ensure that the time reserved for your appointment is time reserved just for you ​with sufficient time to complete your services to the highest standard. 

cancellation and late arrival policy

Cancellation Policy:
We do, however, understand that schedules can change from time to time;  we allow for any necessary appointment adjustments to occur, up to, 24-hours before your scheduled appointment time, without penalty. Adjustments made outside this window of opportunity are subject to penalties.

Please understand that when you do not show up or cancel your appointment without proper notice, we do not have time to notify clients on our waitlist, and we cannot fill or repay that vacancy in our practioner’s schedule.

In accordance with this policy, we reserve appointments for new and established clientele, alike, with a credit card. This information is encrypted in our computer system, remains secure, and is not viewed or used in any way unless one of the following instances occur:

Notification given less than 24-hours before your scheduled appointment time, for first time instances, will result in a charge of 50% of scheduled services. Notification given less than 24-hours before your scheduled appointment time, for 2nd time instances and thereafter, will result in a charge of 100% of scheduled services or forfeiture of  the Pre-Paid visit, where applicable. 

Failure to show up for your scheduled appointment, without any form of notice, will result in a charge of 100% of scheduled services. 

Late Arrival Policy:
We will make every effort possible to complete services for clients who arrive late to their scheduled appointments. However, this is not always possible and is heavily dependent on the type of service and how late you are to the appointment. Therefore, it is up to the discretion of the practitioner as to whether the service can be completed or needs to be rescheduled. However, regardless of this determination, payment is still due in-full for that scheduled appointment time.