Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body

“The staff at Physios make you feel very welcome and comfortable and you think you have known them your whole life. Their products are top notch, their knowledge of skin care and which products you should be using (be it theirs or someone else's) are unsurpassed in this area. And I love "Jack". I want to take him home with me.”

- Anonymous 

“A beautiful venue and the best customer service around. John and Cameron are a delight to work with and they really know their stuff. The best facials in town!”

- Mary

Testimonials from some of our best clients

“In my opinion, the NICEST place in town. My only complaint is with other clients who can't arrive on time for their appointments, which makes clients after them have to wait, especially if the later clients arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. It shows a complete lack of courtesy for others, but most especially to Jon and Cam.”

- Cindy

“I am always impressed with depth of knowledge that they possess on the products they carry, and also the active ingredients in the marketplace. They really do keep up with all current and best practices in skin care, and I appreciate that!”

- Jay